Pneumatic & Process Control Systems

Since KCC Co. Ltd was established in 1992, we have been constantly developing and launching our new various products such as pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic solenoid valves,etc. As our technology has been recognized as a result of heavy R&D investment to manufacture better quality product, our current customers include POSCO, Hyundai Steel Co. and Samsung Electronics Co.

KCC Co. have made what they now by our customer’s support, so we promise to prevail our own outstanding technology over the world, contributing to your productivity improvement and added-value creation by doing our best for continued R&D now and forever.

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  Pneumatic Cylinder             Hydraulic Cylinder  

Pneumatic Solenoid Valve   Process Valve

Air Clean Unit                        Air Dryer System  

Vacuum Components           Shock Absorber  

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