WPT Power- Clutches & Brakes

When you choose WPT power take-offs, power pump drives and industrial clutches and brakes you can rely on support and stability from a heavy-duty manufacturer. We have over twenty years of designing, engineering and production expertise to create fast, successful solutions for your most diverse and demanding applications. WPT makes high quality products that give you reliable operation and have simple, preventive maintenance work that minimizes downtime and the risk of delays. High or low torque clutches and brakes, caliper or water cooled brakes, our team of engineers specialize in products that will meet your expectations from standard lines to custom engineered applications for your specific needs.

  • Water Cooled Brake

  • Mechanical PTO

  • Type 1 PTO

  • Type 2 PTO

  • Caliper Brake

  • Power Grip

  • Power Grip PO

  • Power Pump Drive

  • Planetary Winches

  • Worm Gear Winches

  • Low Inertia Brake

  • Low Inertia Clutch

  • Low Inertia Springset

  • Low Inertia High Torque

  • Power Set Brake