PRODUCTS INFORMATION                                          For backstopping application only (Grease Lubrication)

Torque Range : 30~32,000 kgf·m
Bore Range : ø20~ø350    

For backstopping application only (Oil Lubrication)
BS-RK series is with oil reservoirs, over running speed is high than BS-K series
Torque Range : 2,500~32,000 kgf.m
Bore Range : ø100~ø350


Suitable for the low speed, Light load application
(Grease Lubrication)

Torque Range : 0.6~5 kgf.m
Bore Range : ø10~ø30


B200K series are supported by bearing and
shaft mounted directly.

Torque Range : 4~142 kgf.m
Bore Range :ø16.5~ø79.3


Clutches have same diameters as metric ball bearing, require bearing support.(Grease Lubrication)
Torque Range : 1.3~142 kgf.m
Bore Range : ø15~ø60


Outer race is easy to mounting gear, pulleys, sprockets, ets.(Grease Lubrication)
Torque Range : 3~215 kgf.m
Bore Range :ø10~ø45


For general purpose (Pre-lubricated with a grease)
Torque Range : 33~3,100 kgf.m
Bore Range : ø20~ø70


For high speed, precision, general purpose
(Oil Lubrication)

Torque Range : 32~18,000 kgf.m
Bore Range : ø19~ø250


For BackStopping application with high speed
(Oil Lubrication). This series consist of MG-K Series cam clutches and oil reservoirs

Torque Range : 32~18,000 kgf.m
Bore Range : ø19~ø250


This Series are Clutch with couplings utilizing
MZ-K, MG-K Series

Torque & Bore range : 33~3,100 kgf.m
Bore Range of coupling : ø40~ø80 (MZ-K)
Bore Range of coupling : ø56~ø285 (MG-K)


For high speed indexing applications. (Oil Lubrication)
Torque Range : 8~80 kgf.m
Bore Range : ø22~ø70


For high speed, overruning applications
(Oil Lubrication)

Bore Range : ø15~ø200


This series can be used for overruning
with gear reducer (Oil Lubrication)

Bore Range : ø16~ø160 (BSD260-K)
Bore Range : ø16~ø230 (BSD220-K)


For high speed, general purpose applications
(Oil Lubrication)

Bore Range : ø12~ø150